A guide for greater autonomy, created by and for users, organisations, and healthcare professionals

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This publication is a non-commercial support to raise awareness on assistive devices for arm mobility.

It aims to provide you with the foundations on this subject as a toolbox to:
👉🏽 identify situations where this type of assistance may be relevant (for you or a patient)
👉🏽 get to know the products available in Europe
👉🏽 assist a patient in getting equipped
👉🏽 stay informed about the prospects in the emerging field of assistive devices for arms

🖊️ This guide has been co-written by healthcare professionals, users, associations, equipment installers, and researchers.


"A vast majority of people don't know that diseases or accidents may affect arm movements."

"Innovations in this field have the potential to analyse and interpret the user’s movement intentions to initiate corresponding actions."

"I have the same relationship with my robot as I do with my wheelchair: it's an extension of myself. It's part of me."

"It is important to be familiar with the latest device innovations, to test each device, and to explore their features."


Our heartfelt thanks to all those who contributed to this guide by sharing their knowledge and experience:

  • Dr Charles Fattal, MD- PM&R physician, Rehabilitation Center Bouffard-Vercelli USSAP, Approche Association, Camin Research Team (INRIA) (France)

  • Dr Claire Anquetil, MD- PM&R physician, Rehabilitation Center Bouffard-Vercelli USSAP (France)

  • Dr Guy Letellier – PM&R physician ESEAN, paediatric rehabilitation centre (France)

  • Dr Nicole Gusset – President of SMA Europe

  • Karima Ahnache – Head of the Innovation, Compensation & Usability Lab Division, at the AFM Téléthon (France)

  • Ann-Lisbeth Højberg – Occupational Therapist, Master in Social Integration, National Rehabilitation Center for Neuromuscular Diseases (Denmark)

  • Samuel Pouplin – OT, PhD, HDR – Raymond Poincaré Hospital (France)
  • Aurélie Barrière – OT, University Hospital of Lyon (France)

  • Arjan Sarkow – Distributor and advisor, at distributor Sarkow b.v (The Netherlands)

  • Sara Da Pian, Physiatrist (MPR) – Chiara Folini, Occupational therapist – Claudia Salatino, Biomedical Engineer – Francesco Zava, Computer specialist of SIVALab – Luca Cagliani, Biorobotics Engineer | DAT Unit of Fondazione Don Gnocchi Center in Milano (Italia)

  • Beate, Bernhard, Christelle, Emmanuelle, Noémie, Simon – Users and caregivers (France & Germany)

  • Dr Shin-Yi Chiou – PT, PhD. Associate Professor in Motor control and Rehabilitation at the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom)

  • Yara Peterko – MSc, Occupational Therapist, Master’s degree in Health Assisting Engineering (United Kingdom)


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The guide “Assistive technology for arm mobility in Europe” is shared under creative commons CC BY-SA

BY: credit must be given to the creator.
SA: Adaptations must be shared under the same terms.

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