Lightening the weight of arms to move more easily

The ORTHOPUS Supporter is an innovative robotic assistant dedicated to arm mobility. It facilitates movements by supporting the weight of the arm in everyday gestures.

Designed for people with limited mobility, this arm support reduces the effort to raise the arm. Lifting objects, eating, phoning : the Supporter allows you to recover independence and freedom in daily life.

for children

Right and left
handed version


Mountable on table
or power wheelchair

Who is the Supporter for?

For example, in the following situations : Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Muscular Dystrophy (Duchenne, Becker, limb-girdle), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Trauma, Brachial Plexus Tear, Stroke Aftermath, arm and shoulder pain.

The ORTHOPUS Supporter is suitable for people who have :
horizontal mobility, from left to right
an usual function of the hands to grasp objects
residual shoulder and elbow mobility, allowing to bring the hand up to face, either for a very short time or with help (such as the other arm).

This mobility corresponds to grades 2, 3, 4 of the Brooke Scale.

To make sure that the ORTHOPUS Supporter is adapted to person’s needs, it is necessary to be seen by an occupational therapist.

A customizable device

Whether you want to remain discreet or assert your style, the ORTHOPUS Supporter is the first customizable assistive device.

➡️ Included with the Supporter : the black version + a set of colored covering

➡️ Integral customization possible

How it works ?

The ORTHOPUS Supporter is controlled by the user thanks to two +/- buttons and offers two modes :

➡️ Holding mode : stabilization of a chosen height, for example to make a phone call or read a book.

➡️  Dynamic mode : supporting movements, for example when eating. The user controls the support force that suits his/her mobility with the buttons and can save his/her preferred compensation force.

English subtitles are not yet available
Video made with a non-definitive prototype version of the Supporter.

Compensation force
up to 4kg

Dimensions designed to pass through doors with a wheelchair

Power supply from the wheelchair’s battery or from a mains socket

Park position
when not in use

Medical device
made in France

IRT Jules Verne

The story of the ORTHOPUS Supporter development

To develop the ORTHOPUS Supporter, we worked in close collaboration with the teams of the ESEAN AFP France Handicap, a healthcare facility specialized in physical disabilities in Nantes. We co-developed this device with Pierre, a young 19-year-old user-patient. Throughout the development, his/her valuable feedback allowed us to identify the key points to be improved so that the equipment would be as pleasant and useful as possible.

Pierre uses a first version of the Supporter (a prototype) customized especially for him with the colors of his favorite football club.

« I recommend it to as many people as possible, it revolutionizes the future of people with disabilities »

« My accuracy increases with the Supporter, I am more thorough than before »

« The Supporter is useful to me for reading articles, pulling up my glasses or grabbing things up high »

How much does the Supporter cost ?

The ORTHOPUS Supporter is one of the most affordable robotic compensation devices dedicated to arm mobility. In France, it sells for €4,990 excluding VAT : you can see price’s details below.
For now we can’t announce the Supporter’s price outside France but we aim to work with health insurances in other countries to make it as accessible as possible.


You are a medical professional or potential user ?
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Any question ?

For now we can’t announce any dates, but we are coming : stay tuned !

The Supporter does not move instead of the arm: it follows the movements. That is why the person who wants to use it must still have mobility in the arm.

To date, there is no precise scientific study on the subject. However, it has been observed that this type of device reduce fatigue and keeps the body in motion, which can prevent numbness in the joints.

Yes, it is ! The Supporter will be fixed on the wheelchair by a medical dealer trained to its installation and a table attachment will be provided. It is therefore possible to quickly move the Supporter from a wheelchair to a table and vice-versa.

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