There are a lot of inequalities in access to technical aids for people with motor disabilities. A majority of people impacted by a loss of mobility aren’t fitted because of the excessive prices, the lack of information and the adaptability of existing solutions.

In 2018, David Gouaillier, PhD in Robotics and expert in motion engineering, founded ORTHOPUS to put his technical skills into a social cause. His motivation: offering high tech expertise at the crossroads between technology and solidarity.

Our goal is to provide the largest number of people waiting for solutions and to shake things up in the healthcare system to a more equitable, cooperative and open health.

We are driven by:

To allow the maximum number of people to be fitted, we are optimizing the costs and applying moderate margins in order to offer the more affordable prices possible.

Providing a new model in the healthcare field often opaque for the patients, we are communicating in transparency on our solutions’ design and prices.   

Our expert team uses cutting-edge techniques from robotic research to offer the best solutions supporting users’ autonomy.   

To contribute to a more open health and push the manufacturing process forward, we are gathering users, healthcare professionals and makers around the conception and documentation of our solutions.

Social Impact Company, ORTHOPUS received the ESUS (“Entreprise Solidaire d’Utilité Sociale”) certification in 2019. It is therefore was officially recognised as acting in the field of Social Economy.

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